Stanford in the Vale with Goosey and Hatford

Tel: 01367 710267


We understand how painful and daunting it can be when you have to arrange the funeral for

somebody close to you.  If you find yourself in this position, the people you need to contact first are

the funeral directors. They will contact us after they have met with you and discussed your needs.

 We will work very hard to make the process of arranging a funeral as straightforward as possible,

meeting with you personally to help you through the preparations and working with the firm that

you have chosen.


The two most local funeral directors are:

J Godfrey & Son, Stanford in the Vale  Tel: 01367 718998

COOP, Faringdon  Tel: 01367 240572

It is possible to have a funeral in the church, followed either by a burial in the churchyard or a

committal at a local crematorium (South Oxfordshire – Garford, or Swindon). Some families prefer

to have a private Committal service at the Crematorium, and then have a Thanksgiving service in

church, followed by the burial of ashes in the churchyard.  Alternatively you may wish to have a

shorter, simpler funeral service in the crematorium.  The Vicar is very happy to explain all options

with you and we work very closely with all local funeral directors.


The costs for Funerals in 2019 where the funeral service was held in the Church are:


Funeral service in church before or after burial or cremation - £199

Burial in the churchyard immediately preceding or following service in church - £320

Burial of cremated remains in the churchyard immediately preceding or following service in church - £138

Burial of body in the churchyard on separate occasion - £348

Burial of cremated remains in churchyard on a separate occasion - £166

Organist - £80

Verger - £50


The costs where the funeral service was not held in the Church are:


Service at graveside and burial of body - £414

Service at graveside and burial of cremated remains - £232

Burial of body in churchyard - £348

Burial of cremated remains in churchyard - £166


The setting of a Headstone is not possible until after 6 months from the funeral to allow the ground

to settle. There are fees for the erection of memorials, plaques, and for additional subscriptions.

Details available from the Vicar or funeral directors.


Some people also wish to have a Memorial Service for a loved one in church some- time after a



Whatever your situation, we will try to be as flexible as we can in order to meet your needs.


The Vicar has over 20 year’s experience as a Bereavement Counsellor and was on the Archbishop

Council’s National Advisory Group on Funerals. He makes Funeral ministry a priority in his ministry

whether people attend church or not. If you live in the parish and have been bereaved, the Vicar

would like to offer the support of the church community, regardless of whether you decide to have a

service in church, or not.


Many people also like to plan their own funeral service with the Vicar ahead of time to save the

family having to make decisions. The Vicar is very happy to meet with parishioners for this.


For any questions concerning funerals, please call: Revd Paul Eddy, Vicar on 01367 710267, or


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